Domain Name History

DNS was first presented for use on the Online in 1983, with the first requirements written by John Mockapetris.[2] Mockapetris’ first DNS execution was called JEEVES, and changed the ARPANET (pre-Internet) atmosphere with few enough computer systems that a single pc file, serves.txt, was adequate to contain all linked pc brands and their number details.[3] Its developers, however, did not think of it as anything like a internet look for website, with the ability to search for a name corresponding to an idea (e.g. “pizza”), but to work with specific brands already known by the application. Personally keeping and giving coordinator information became incorrect as the range of the Online matured, and DNS was developed and applied as the solution to the problem of scalable coordinator name quality.

Note well: all DNS was developed to do was substitute the serves.txt pc file that had the name to address mappings for every pc in the ARPANET. That’s all. DNS was not developed to be a internet look for website. Google hadn’t been developed, since, after all, the Web had not been developed.

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